Commercial Contract Administration

In order to provide employers with qualified and available Assistant Directors and Unit Production Managers, the DGA & AICP maintain several qualifications lists.

An employer who is signatory to the DGA-AICP national collective bargaining agreement must give preference of employment to individuals who have met the requirements for placement on the appropriate qualifications list. Specific work requirements must be met and documentation provided for placement on these lists. Should you wish to be eligible for DGA employment in these categories, you must meet specific criteria which is set forth in the commercial collective bargaining agreement.

Placement on one of the lists is the first step in becoming a DGA member as an Assistant Director or Unit Production Manager. Your placement greatly enhances your ability to seek and accept employment in your category with a DGA signatory company. Please note: If you desire DGA membership, you should contact the Guild directly to obtain a membership application.

For specific questions regarding the DGA (i.e.; initiation fee, annual dues, pension & health plans), please contact them directly. COMMERCIALS CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION is a third party administrator and is not part of or representative of the DGA.

There is much information to process regarding placement on these lists. We recommend that you read this site thoroughly to get an overview of the requirements and download an application.


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Commercial Qualifications Lists